Sverdlovsk Region GDP Goes up 7.8% in 2012

20 December 2012 (09:19)

December 20, 2012. In 2012, Sverdlovsk Region was one of the top 10 most economically and socially successful federal constituencies in the Russian Federation. Its gross regional product grew by 7.8% in 2012: in money terms, this amounts to 1.4 trillion RUR, Governor of Sverdlovsk Region’s Information Policies Department reports.

In terms of industrial goods supplied to consumers, Sverdlovsk Region is in the 6th position in the national rating; in terms of retail trade, it is in the 3d place, only outstripped by Moscow and Moscow Region. In terms of capital asset investments, the region is Russia’s 7th largest constituency.

According to the preliminary estimates available, the volume of goods produced inside the region and shipped to consumers will reach 1.5 trillion RUR by the end of the year, which is 13.7% more than in 2011.

Sverdlovsk Region’s industrial production index will rise by 8.3% against 2011.

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