MegaFon to Collect Donations for Children

December 20, 2012. MegaFon is going to install an ice MegaMoney-Box next to Yekaterinburg’s largest skating rink GlavYelka; this structure is meant for collecting donations for children who are ill, and anyone can donate money from now to January 19, MegaFon’s press service reports.

All the money collected in this way will be used for preventing and curing child cancer and for rehabilitation of the young cancer patients through the charity fund called ‘We Are Together’. MegFon subscribers can also help the children any time by simply sending a text message to 000777. One text message costs 44.99 RUR (VAT included), the press release says.

What is more, We Are Together will also get all the money collected through the sale of tickets to a charity musical Inlet of the Sea that will be performed at 7 PM on December 25, 2012. All the young spectators present at the show will be given special presents in company colors by MegaFon, and directly after the play is over they will be able to get the autographs from the holiday show characters.

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