MegaFon sponsors 5D play for visually impaired children in Yekaterinburg

2 February 2015 (11:37)

February 2, 2015. Wolke, a 5D play for the visually impaired children, was shown in Yekaterinburg for the first time this winter. Children from a special needs school in Verkhnyaya Pyshma were able to visit the ‘invisible play’ as part of the national charity project supported by MegaFon, the telecommunications provider’s press service reports.

Actors from Moscow-based M.A. Bulgakov theater presented their unique play to the children: the piece is unique in that it relies on audio, kinesthetic, and olfactory messages rather than the visual ones.

‘We created a play that can only be watched with one’s eyes shut, specially for the visually impaired children. This format helps our young spectators get completely immersed in the atmosphere of the piece, which is so much more than just listening. If the plot unfolds at Christmas, for example, you can smell the traditional tangerines in the air, and if the main character is swimming in the river, drops or water get splashed onto the spectators,’ says the play director Ksenia Dmitriyeva.

‘Children who were born with visual disabilities find it very difficult to fit into society. Besides, public places such as theaters are typically not available. To help visually impaired children develop, MegaFon decided to support this important and charitable project. We’d like as many children and teenagers from all over Russia to see this play as possible,’ says Alexei Voronin, Director of MegaFon Ural’s Sverdlovsk Region branch.

Thanks to the mobile carrier’s sponsorship, the theater is able to tour around Russia throughout the year. To ensure maximum audience, MegaFon directed over 1.5m RUR to the project. This year, the fairy tale was presented to the young residents of the Mid-Urals.

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