Grain Prices Resume Growing in the Urals, Crop-Makers Say

20 November 2012 (09:39)

November 20, 2012. Grain prices resumed going up on the markets of the Urals and Siberia last week after a month of stable prices occasioned by commodity interventions, the economic news agency Prime refers to the National Union of Grain Producers as reporting.

In Ural Federal District, both fodder wheat and barley grew more expensive, with the price of the latter rising by 350 RUR over one week.

All in all, 367,800 tons of 3d-grade wheat and 73,800 tons of 4th-grade wheat have been sold in the course of commodity interventions in Ural, Siberian, and Far Eastern Federal Districts since October 23. Tenders involved flour, grain, and fodder manufacturers from all parts of Russia. The VWAP of 3d-grade wheat came to 8,000 RUR per ton (the opening bid was set at 7,600 RUR); that of 4th-grade wheat amounted to 7,960 RUR per ton (the opening bid was set at 7,200 RUR).

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