Sverdlovsk Region to Adopt Industry Development Program

19 November 2012 (10:10)

November 17, 2012. The region’s government is planning to elaborate a specialized industry development program for Sverdlovsk Region. This program will primarily be aimed at developing intra- and interregional cooperation. In fact, this will be the main topic for discussion at the round table meeting with the representatives of the regional defense enterprises in December, Governor Evgeny Kuivashev said today at a conference called ‘The Greater Urals Economic Growth Points,’ the Governor’s Information Policy Department reports.

‘Ironic as it may seem, Sverdlovsk Region, which can boast a strong industry, does not have a specialized program for its development. In fact, there is no such program at the federal level, either. However, we did make a decision to draw up such a program on the regional level,’ Kuivashev said.

‘The industry development program will set the target figures for each branch of industry. The paper will also list the support measures offered, including tax relief and state guarantees. The program will allow the regional authorities to get the answer to the question: what are we going to get in the short-term, that is, within five years’ time?’ the Governor added.

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