Sverdlovsk Region Is Russia’s 2nd Most Dangerous Place in Terms of Work Accidents

19 November 2012 (10:09)

November 17, 2012. According to Head of State Labor Inspectorate Fedor Kravtsov, the overall number of inspections and orders issued against legal entities and sole traders has gone down recently; so has the total number of accidents at work, says the press center of Sverdlovsk Region Executive Branch Federal Authorities’ local divisions under the Chief Federal Inspector for Sverdlovsk Region.

On Wednesday, November 14, Chief Federal Inspector for Sverdlovsk Region Boris Kirillov met with the Head of State Labor Inspectorate for Sverdlovsk Region to talk about such important issues as compliance with the labor rights at the local enterprises, taking care of the locals’ employment, and on-time payment of wages.

Fedor Kravtsov said that poor organization of production jobs, violation of the existing traffic code, and violation of the work procedures and labor discipline were among the main causes of industrial traumas; statistically, these factors were to blame in 43.8%, 6.5%, and 6.1% of cases, respectively.

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