MMK Executives Declared Most Skilled CG Experts

31 October 2012 (17:19)

October 31, 2012. Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) representatives were declared Russia’s most skilled corporate governance experts in the annual Director of The Year Prize ranking.

The solemn awarding ceremony took place in Moscow last week. According to the coordinators, the primary mission of this prize is to draw attention to the personal contribution of these businesspeople and managers to the development of corporate governance and to the introduction of high standards and the best corporate governance practices into the operating performance of Russian companies and their BODs.

MMK BOD Chairman Viktor Rashnikov was featured in the rating as the 25th Best Chairman of the Board of Directors.

What is more, the ratings of 50 Best Independent Directors and 25 Best CG Directors/Corporate Secretaries were compiled this year as well.

According to these ratings, MMK Corporate Secretary Valentina Khavantseva was one of Russia’s top 25 CG Directors.

MMK Independent BOD Member and Member of Strategic Planning & Corporate Governance Committee David Herman also won the award in the Independent Director of the Year category.

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