Tyumen Region Prosecution Authorities Find Over 400 Violations in Fuel & Energy Sector

October 25, 2012. Tyumen Region public prosecution authorities have detected over 400 violations of the law in the fuel and energy sector since the beginning of the year. To eliminate these violations, the authorities issued 84 decrees, placed 11 claims with the court, and made 2 warnings. Following the public prosecutor’s reports, 85 people had to face disciplinary liability and 67 people had to face administrative liability, the spokesperson for Tyumen Region public prosecution authorities reports.

This is why the recent meeting resulted in the decision to take additional steps targeted at enforcing law and order in the fuel and energy sector.

Now 15 enterprises currently have licenses entitling them to using crude hydrocarbon deposits in the south of Tyumen Region. 36 petroleum commodities deposits have been discovered so far, and three crude hydrocarbon-processing plants are operating in the region at the moment. All the main pipelines located in the south of the region amount to 4,318,000 km in length altogether.

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