MMK Consumers Speak Highly of New Investment Projects

24 August 2012 (09:22)

A business conference called MMK: New Metal Goods Production & Supply Opportunities for Provincial Markets is still under way in Magnitogorsk; the conference is coordinated by Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) and the Russian Union of Metal Goods Suppliers.

Over 90 representatives of MMK’s customers and traders that sell the company’s metal goods are taking part in the event. Such conferences have been held in Magnitogorsk for over a decade now.

‘No other Russian metallurgical enterprise has changed as dramatically as MMK over these ten years. Actually, we tried to focus on the domestic market’s needs in the course of our development. About 70% of our produce used to be exported, but now the ratio has reversed. Now you come to a rolled metal goods supermarket where all kinds of metal products are available that meet the highest global standards,’ MMK Foreign Economic Activity Director Alexander Ushakov told the attendees.

‘The conference participants were definitely aware of MMK’s latest grand investment projects, but even they were quite impressed by a video on the potential of our Mill 5000, whose produce is meant for making large-diameter pipes as well as goods for the ship-, machine-, and bridge-building industry. In fact, MMK was the first Russian metallurgical company to achieve very impressive results in quite a few fields. The applause that followed the video was an excellent evaluation of MMK’s breakthroughs,’ the company reports.

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