Sverdlovsk Region-Ukraineís Goods Turnover Goes Back to Pre-Recession Level

The turnover of goods between Sverdlovsk Region and the Ukraine exceeded the pre-recession level, Sverdlovsk Region Governmentís press service reports.

A group of regionís delegates, headed by First Deputy Head of Government Vladimir Vlasov took part in the events dedicated to the Ukraineís Independence Day. The agenda of the visit comprised the delegatesí meeting with Chairman of Vinnitsa Region State Administration.

The trade figures exceeded those of the pre-recession era and rose from $580.8m in 2008 to $684m in 2011. Last year, Ukraine was Sverdlovsk Regionís 5th largest foreign trade partner, which was the highest figure over the last decade. In fact, the trade is rising in a very balanced way, as both exports and imports are growing.

Itís been a year since Sverdlovsk Region and Vinnitsa Region State Administration signed an agreement on trade, economic, scientific, technological, and humanitarian cooperation.

The two partiesí meeting resulted in a proposal on supplying Vinnitsa Regionís agricultural produce to Sverdlovsk Region, while Vinnitsa Region Administration expressed an interest in purchasing medical equipment and goods that are made in the Mid-Urals.

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