Natural Gas Production Goes Down 4% in Ural Federal District

22 August 2012 (09:29)

The industrial production growth rates in Ural Federal District were 0.4% higher in January-June 2012 than in January-June 2011. The growth was mainly due to the processing industries. In January-June 2012, the industrial production index for mineral resources production fell short of the figures for January-June 2011 by 1.5%; that for the processing industries increased by 5.9%, and that for the production of electric power, natural gas, and water, rose by 0.3%.

In January-June 2012, the oil production output went up by 22.1% in Tyumen Region. However, as regards Ural Federal District on the whole, the oil output was 0.4% smaller than a year earlier, while the natural gas output was 4% smaller as well.

Ural Federal District-based enterprises produced 9.7m tons of pig iron (6.5% more than in January-June 2011), 11.7m tons of rolled products (an increase of 7.5%), 13.6m tons of steel (a 5.7% increase), 1.81m tons of steel pipes (1.8% less than a year earlier), 2.5m tons of unprocessed timber (2% less than a year earlier), and 91.5bn kilowatt-hours of electric power (2.4% more than a year earlier) in January-June 2012.

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