Ural Airlines Launches New Service on Munich- and Cologne-Bound Flights

22 August 2012 (09:29)

Starting August 22, Ural Airlines will offer a new service for passengers flying to Germany. When booking a plane ticket for a Munich – or a Cologne-bound flight that departs from Russia, passengers can benefit from a free train trip via Deutsche Bahn.

To use the service, one has to opt for the rate that includes the train trip when booking the ticket. The itinerary receipt will have a special code called the tix code or the pick-up number: this code has to be entered into one of Deutsche Bahn’s 3,500 Germany-based terminals, and a printed train ticket will come out.

The journey can be made to any German city on the day you arrive in Germany or on the following day. The service is only valid for traveling within Germany and gives a passenger no right to travel to other European countries.

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