SKB-Bank Chairman Vladimir Pukhov Declared Yekaterinburg Financial Community’s Most Influential Person

25 July 2012 (18:34)

Experts from the Delovoy Kvartal magazine’s analytical team came up with a top list of Yekaterinburg’s most influential people. The leaders were selected along eight categories: Finance, Construction & Development, Industry & Production, Retail, Business Services, Car Business, IT, and Logistics, SKB-Bank reports.

SKB-Bank Chairman of the Supervisory Board Vladimir Pukhov was declared the most influential person in the local finances. The analysts behind the rating observe that his main achievement consists in making SKB-Bank’s net assets exceed 100bn RUR in 2011 and in getting the bank to expand its branch network to 200 outlets.

The rating was compiled in a few stages: first, the editor’s team asked over a hundred experts from the key markets to help them with the long list of the city’s most influential people. Then, the candidates were assessed by branch experts and owners and managers of businesses. The evaluation was made on a scale of one to seven. The final rating comprised people nominated for the Person of the Year Award that the magazine awards every year and people who scored over four for their contribution to and their impact on the success of their branch.

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