Prosecution Authorities Look into Layoffs at Russian Magnesium

19 July 2012 (09:36)

The public prosecution authorities in Ural Federal District are going to investigate the layoffs at Russian Magnesium, the authorities’ press service reports.

‘The public prosecution authorities in Ural Federal District’s Administration arranged for the media reports on the possible labor code violations at Russian Magnesium to be investigated,’ the message states.

The request to this effect was sent to Sverdlovsk Region public prosecution authorities.

‘Some media report the new management has asked the workers to quit. The circumstances of this case and its legitimacy will be looked into, and, following the results of the inspection, a decision will be made on whether to take action,’ the prosecution authorities explain.

Now the company’s new Director-General Alexei Ginsburg suggested that the workers resign of their own accord. Sverdlovsk Region Industry Ministry says a memorandum on this point was sent to the workers on July 13.

‘Employees can choose among three options: go on a four-month unpaid leave, resign voluntarily, or agree to a wage drop down to 5,350 RUR’, the press service reports.

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