Energy Project Cuts End User’s Expenses

12 July 2012 (14:30)

Thanks to the implementation of Development Corporation’s project called Energy Company The Industrial Urals – The Polar Urals, the cost of electricity for the end user dropped down to 5.392 RUR per kilowatt-hour.

The company’s DG Sergey Melnichenko says they were able also to increase their production ouptut.

‘New users get connected every day, which increases the station’s general workload and the gross profit is now spread throughout a greater amount of energy produced. As a result, every kilowatt of energy’s prime cost is lower. We improved on the heating networks performance last year and started supplying electricity to small villages. This gives us additional revenues and decreased the users’ load and therefore the rates we charge the end users,’ Melnichenko says.

This is actually not the first time the electric power prices have gone down after Development Corporation launched its project. Rates first declined from 7.3 RUR to 6.24 RUR per kilowatt-hour and on July 1, the rates dropped down to 5.392 RUR, or by 15%.

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