MMK’s New Mill to Enhance Efficiency of All Russian Carmakers, Evgeny Redin Says

The new mill launched by Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) will enhance the production efficiency of all the Russian car manufacturers, MMK Director for Business Development and Efficiency Management Evgeny Redin announced at the 10th International Metallurgical Summit in Moscow.

According to MMK’s top executive, the Russian car market is now winning the leading positions in Europe and has good development potential. One has to take into account the changes in the metal consumption patterns in this industry and the increase in the share of zinc-coated metals and highly durable brands of steel. To meet the Russian car industry’s growing good quality, highly durable cold- and hot-rolled stock needs, MMK started building a modern cold-roll facility with the capacity of 2m tons of goods a year in 2007. In addition to serving the car manufacturers’ needs, the facility will provide goods popular with other branches like white goods manufacturers and the building industry.

In July 2011, when the etching facility and the cold-roll mill were launched, the first stage of the project was complete. At the moment, the company is finishing off the second stage of the project: the technological equipment has been assembled and the start-up and commissioning jobs are in full progress. The facilities pertaining to the second extension are supposed to be launched in July 2012.

MMK’s new cold-roll facility is unique to Russia in terms of the kind of equipment used and in terms of its capacity to produce cold-rolled metal sheets from complex combinations: duplex and multi-phase steels that meet the car industry’s high demands. The machinery also has many characteristics that are not found in any other equipment in the country. The minimum thickness the facility can provide is 0.28mm, the maximum one is 1,880mm. The two-phase steels have been rolled successfully; so has the pilot batch of highly durable DP600 and DP1200 steels (the latter has been worked with in Russia for the first time, in fact). The company keeps working on mastering the production process while at the same time getting the produce certified by the car manufacturers and home appliances producers such as Renault, Ford, Gonvarri (Volkswagen’s supplier), LG, and Samsung.

Redin said the launch of the cold-roll Mill 2000 would give the foreign carmakers a chance to produce their cars locally in accordance with the Russian Trade & Industry Ministry’s requirements. In the long run, the production of modern automobile body sheets at MMK signifies an improvement in the efficiency of all Russian car manufacturers.

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