VKontakte accuses Samsung Electronics, i-Free of colluding

23 March 2012 (09:48)

The management of the Russian social network VKontakte accused Samsung Electronics’ Russian representation and the content provider i-Free of a corrupt collusion, Interfax reports.

VKontakte’s Deputy DG Ilya Perekopsky came up with a statement where he claims that at the end of 2011, the representatives of Samsung’s Russian division asked the social network to allow them to pre-install the official VKontakte app onto Samsung smartphone Android platform. VKontakte agreed to this, but Samsung representatives suddenly announced early in 2012 that they had decided to design their own Android app, Perekopsky said.

According to VKontakte, i-Free decided not to develop the app on its own, in fact, but was planning to buy the social network’s official app from the developer who designed it by VKontakte’s order. Besides, Perekopsky says i-Free intends to add its own games to the application.

‘i-Free, the company that made a fortune through selling adult content multimedia messages, cannot come up with an application whose quality would be comparable with that of VKontakte’s app. This is a very challenging task that very few professionals can complete. Creating a copy of an existing free app is pointless in the first place, and the only explanation to this is the personal motives of the managers who placed the order for the development of the app with i-Free and received a commission off the order,’ says VKontakte head Pavel Durov.

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