TNK-B: Koltsovo Airport to Get Upgraded Fuel Supply System

12 March 2012 (09:17)

‘We are working on a large-scale upgrade program for Koltsovo Airport’s jet fuel supply system,’ TNK-BP reports.

The company announced that its acquisition of Koltsovo Fuel Filling Company, the operator in charge of storing and filling the planes with jet fuel at Yekaterinburg’s international airport, was complete. TNK-BP bought a 100% stake in TZK-Aktiv from Koltsovo Airport and paid $70m for it; the company also bought a 100% shareholding in Koltsovo Fuel Filling Company for $30m.

‘The acquisition was part of our strategy aimed at expanding the range of services we offer and at improving on the quality of customer service,’ says TNK-BP Vice President for Business Marketing & New Business Development Dmitri Ustinov.

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