ERGO Ural Branch’s Management Now Reports Directly to DG

28 February 2012 (09:19)

Sergey Bukreyev was appointed Deputy Director-General and Director for Development of ERGO Russia’s Ural branch. Prior to this new appointment, he was the director at the region’s directorate.

‘It is exactly in the North-West and the Urals that ERGO’s Russian business has been developing most successfully and rapidly over the last few years. This is why it was decided to upgrade the status of the regional directorates’ heads and to appoint them Deputy Directors-General. I hope that after the performance reports for 2012 become available for analysis, the heads of other regional directorates will be promoted as well,’ says ERGO Russia Director-General Alexander May.

The company says ERGO’s Russian management also decided to eliminate the position of the Sales Director as the Board member. The management of sales and of the company’s regional directorates is now the direct responsibility of the Director-General.

Now all the directors of ERGO Russia’s regional directorates will be reporting directly to the company’s DG.

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