Ergo-Rus to Pay over 80,000 RUR to Tourist from Yekaterinburg

Yekaterinburg Oktyabrsky District Court ruled in favor of a local citizen who got injured during her stay in India. The court ruled that over 80,000 RUR must be paid by Ergo-Rus Insurance Company that originally refused to pay for their client’s medical expenses occasioned by an accident, Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports.

Yulia Filippova went on holiday to India this February. On February 16, the traveler and her friend were hit by a bus. The woman was seriously injured: her shin-bones were broken; she also got several concussions and wounds on her face, arms, and legs.

The injured was taken to hospital where her wounds were taken care of and her leg was placed in a cast. However, the leg began to swell, and a costly surgery was needed. Ergo-Rus suggested that the young woman go back to Russia and have the surgery there. However, the next flight home would only be operated in a week’s time, and the local doctors declared the situation was life-threatening.

The insurer insisted that the surgery had been ‘cosmetic’, but the court made the company compensate Ms Filippova for her medical expenses and legal fees – 80,750 RUR altogether.

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