Worker at SUBR Injured Due To Poor Labor Protection, Labor Inspectorate Says

24 February 2012 (09:19)

The reason a worker was injured at UC RUSAL SUBR Krasnaya Shapochka mine was insufficient organization of labor protection, the State Labor Inspectorate reports.

Now a worker was injured on December 21, 2011 when he was busy crushing bulky rocks in the mine with a chipping hammer.

‘It was revealed in the course of an investigation that this serious accident had been caused by poor organization of labor protection and insufficient employee training in what concerns compliance with the labor protection regulations. The worker was allowed to start crushing bulky rocks even though he had no professional training in this job and was never instructed accordingly in terms of labor safety regulations,’ the investigating committee reports.

Act H-1 was drawn up at the end of the inquiry, with a copy offered to the victim within a designated time period. The files relating to the case have been placed with the public prosecution authorities so that a decision on whether to prosecute the company’s administration could be made.

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