Concern Kalina’s Minority Stockholder Insists Shares Written Off Him Illegally

13 February 2012 (09:26)

The stockholder of cosmetics manufacturer Concern Kalina Igor Platonov insists that 2,844 shares of the company were written off his personal bank account illegally.

Platonov took the case to Sverdlovsk Region Arbitration Court, placing the claim against VTB Registrator and demanding that the entry made in the register of registered shares owners that stated that 2,844 ordinary registered shares of Concern Kalina (5th share issue, serial number 1-05-30-306-D, face value 70 RUR apiece) had been written off his personal account No. 6838, registered in the name of Igor Ivanovitch Platonov, be declared invalid. Platonov also wants to have these shares re-transferred back to his owners’ register account.

The plaintiff says he was one of the concern’s shareholders. VTB Registrator is the issuer’s registrar. The plaintiff learned from the statement he received from the owners’ register that 2,844 shares were written off his personal account on November 15, 2011.

Platonov explains that he expressed no will or took no action to have these shares written off, so he took the case to arbitration court in order for this entry in his personal account to be declared invalid.

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