Sverdlovsk Region Government Okays Lukoil Station in Yekaterinburg Park

The borders of the specially protected Russia’s Foresters National Park based in Sverdlovsk Region have been changed. Sverdlovsk Region Government’s decree to this effect was published by Oblastnaya Gazeta today.

Under this decree, the borders of the reserve were changed as 0.267 hectares of land located in Quarters 79 and 81 of the park’s Lesoparkovy Forestry were allocated for the construction of Lukoil-PermNefteProdukt’s gas filling station (Class 5 under sanitary classification, fifty-meter sanitary buffer zone).

The decree states that the decision was preliminarily approved of by a board of experts who had been consulted in order to establish the need for changing the borders of the specially protected nature’s reserve.

Sverdlovsk Region Natural Resources Ministry will now have to make sure some large-size nursery pine trees get planted in at least 0.267 hectares of the park’s tree-deficient zones or in other Yekaterinburg-based woodland parks.

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