Saxony Opts for Joining Innoprom 2012

10 January 2012 (13:58)

An economic mission from Saxony is planning to visit Innoprom exhibition in Yekaterinburg in the summer of 2012. The news was reported to Sverdlovsk Region’s Minister for International & Foreign Economic Relations Alexander Kharlov in a letter from Sven Morlok, Saxony State Minister for Economic Affairs, Labor, and Transport.

Morlok observes that the economic cooperation between the state of Saxony and Sverdlovsk Region has noticeably moved forward. He feels that the German delegation taking part in Innoprom 2011 had an important part to play in this; so did a technological forum on the modern processing technologies in the course of the said exhibition, too.

In addition to taking part in the exhibition, the Saxon officials suggested coordinating a forum on resource-efficient production issues. A working team in charge of organizing these July meetings will visit the Mid-Urals as soon as April.

According to Alexander Kharlov, his ministry keeps working on the organization of the exhibition throughout the entire year. However, the applications from foreign partners are usually submitted in the spring. The fact that a pool of international participants is already emerging right now signifies Innoprom exhibition and forum’s economic efficiency and the companies’ wish to come to the fair on a regular basis.

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