40 Countries to Visit Russian Expo Arms 2011

30 August 2011 (09:06)

The 8th international arms, military vehicles, and ammunition exhibition called Russian Expo Arms Nizhniy Tagil 2011 will take place in the Mid-Urals on September 8-11, 2011 and will present visitors to the fair the hi tech achievements not only of the defense industry but also those of the industrial sector on the whole; this makes the event a logical sequel to Innoprom 2011, the recent innovations exhibition, Sverdlovsk Region’s Minister for International and Foreign Economic Relations Alexander Kharlov says.

Representatives of nearly forty countries, including delegations from twelve European states, Australia, Asian countries, Africa, the Middle East, the United States, and the CIS member states, are going to visit the exhibition in Nizhniy Tagil.

The German delegation is going to be the most numerous one, as it comprises seven different missions,’ the minister observes.

According to Alexander Kharlov, military experts from various countries, representatives of defense ministries, and military attaches traditionally pay a visit to the exhibition as well.

Despite its title, Russian Expo Arms is actually a site to present the hi tech achievements of the entire industrial sector. This is why the fair in Nizhniy Tagil can be seen as a logical sequel to Innoprom,’ Kharlov feels.

Staratel range will host the presentations of produce from Byelorussia, Finland, France, the Czech Republic, Italy, Kazakhstan, Sweden, Ukraine, and other countries.

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