MMK Wins in Collective Wage Agreement Contest

19 December 2011 (09:34)

Chelyabinsk Region trilateral social and labor relations regulating committee met to declare the results of the contest called Collective Wage Agreement Is the Basis of Protecting the Workers’ Social & Labor Rights.

The contest is held on a yearly basis in order to promote and improve on regulation of social and labor relations through collective agreements, to enhance the efficiency of the negotiating practices and to facilitate the making of mutually advantageous decisions in the social and labor field. The collective agreements are graded in accordance with the following basic criteria: the pay and the benefits package, the protection of labor and the working conditions, the employment rate, and the implementation of socially significant projects.

The committee picks the best collective agreements separately for the state-run and private enterprises, depending on the number of people employed. Each separate group of contestants gets three winners of the first, the second, and the third prizes. The winners are presented with valuable gifts, trophy cups, and diplomas as well as letters of gratitude signed by Governor of Chelyabinsk Region. All in all, thirty state-run and eighteen private enterprises took part in the contest. Twenty participants won prizes and thirteen contestants were declared winners.

Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) was among the winners once again. The winners’ diplomas were given to MMK Corporate Issues & Social Projects Director and Deputy of Magnitogorsk Municipal Assembly Ivan Senichev and MMK Group Chairman of the Trade Union Committee and Deputy of Magnitogorsk Municipal Assembly Alexander Derunov.

MMK was also given a special prize in the Labor Protection & Working Conditions category for its ongoing efforts in the field of labor protection.

In addition, the third-prize diploma was given to the collective wage agreement of the municipal enterprise Heat Supply Trust that is also part of MMK Group’s trade union structure.

In fact, MMK Group’s collective wage agreements win diplomas and trophy cups of the regional contest on a regular basis.

Over the years, diplomas were offered to collective wage agreements not only of Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works but also to those of its daughter enterprises Electroremont, NPO Avtomatika, Mechanoremontny Komplex, and Ogneupor.

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