MOE: Firefighters, inquest authorities to determine causes of fire at Tagansky Ryad

27 December 2011 (09:16)

The firefighters are now pouring water onto the scene of the fire at Tagansky Ryad market place and dismantling the burned-down structures there. Six firefighting vehicles and twenty-four people are involved in the proceedings. The causes of the fire are being investigated by the firefighting experts and inquest authorities, Sverdlovsk Region division of Russia’s Ministry of Emergencies reports.

The fire at a warehouse at 1 Minometchikov St. was reported at 2:24 PM on December 25, 2011. Plenty of combustible material at the warehouse and a strong wind caused the fire to spread quickly. The fire spread from this warehouse onto another one nearby; the total fire area came to 4,000 sq m: the two warehouses burned down, the roofs, the structures, and parts of the walls collapsed. The firefighters managed to save the kiosks next to the warehouses.

A firefighting headquarters was set up on the scene of the fire, with two firefighting nods. The firefighters worked under life-threatening conditions (high heat and the risk of the burning structures collapsing). All their efforts were focused on taming the fire and protecting the nearby buildings. The fire was put out around the warehouses and from the top with the help of a skylift. The fire was extinguished in six hours.

No one was injured or killed.

All in all, thirty-two vehicles and over 150 people had to work at the scene.

Putting the fire out was also difficult because of low pressure in the water hydrants (that is, the water supply system), which was why a firefighting train from Kuzino station (Pervouralsk division) had to be sent down; two three-hundred-meter lines were used to supply the water from the train onto the scene.

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