Titanium Valley to hold road show in Switzerland, Italy, Finland, Canada next year

26 December 2011 (09:34)

This year, the representatives of Titanium Valley Management Company coordinated over three hundred meetings with companies and enterprises based in Western and Northern Europe, Southeast Asia, the United States, and Canada which could become potential residents of the special economic zone. Among the most important events of this kind were taking part in such exhibitions as Hannover Messe in Germany, MIPIM in France, Titanium in the U.S., and Innoprom, Russian Expo Arms, and MAKS in Russia.

Most of the promotion activities are expected to take place in 2012, when infrastructure work begins on the premises of the special economic zone, and the residents are able to locate their production facilities there.

Agreements have been reached to involve consulates and trade representations of other countries in Russia as well as industrial unions and associations, chambers of commerce and industry, and the media in the organization of the Titanium Valley road show in Switzerland, Italy, Finland, and Canada.

Special attention will be paid to cooperation with Germany: groups of German officials are expected to visit Sverdlovsk Region, meetings with German corporations representatives will be held in Germany, and some agreements of intents will probably be signed with a number of German businesses during the next year’s Innoprom exhibition.

Next year, the main exhibition and forum activities on the agenda are taking part in Hannover Messe in Germany, Titanium 2012 in the U.S., InventionsGeneva in Switzerland, Innoprom in Russsia, and AviationExpoChina and TiEXPO in China.

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