SUAL-Kremniy-Ural’s thermal furnaces do harm to workers’ health, authorities claim

19 December 2011 (09:10)

Under the ruling of Sverdlovsk Region public prosecution authorities for the environment, a former worker of SUAL-Kremniy-Ural will be paid 40,000 RUR in compensation for the moral damage. The worker lost 40% of his working capacity due to a professionally acquired disease. Claims to protect the interests of ten more people have been drawn up as well.

It was detected in the course of an inspection targeted at checking SUAL-Kremniy-Ural’s compliance with the environmental legislation that the company, which uses ore thermal furnaces not equipped with gas-purification facilities, thus dumps industrial atmospheric waste containing silicon-based powders that can cause lung diseases in the course of prolonged exposure.

To make sure the company eliminates these environmental violations, the prosecution authorities placed a claim with the court insisting that the company install gas-purification units at its thermal furnaces, get permissions for atmospheric discharge, and design a project for a sanitary protection zone.

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