VUZ Bank’s deposit portfolio exceeds 6bn RUR

6 December 2011 (09:14)

Kommersant came up with a rating of Russian banks that shows an increase in these banks’ financial performance figures compared with the beginning of the year. The newspaper’s research took into account the data provided by 953 Russian banks. The Urals-based VUZ Bank was featured among the country’s top 100 banks in terms of loans volume and among the top 200 banks in terms of deposit portfolio volume and undistributed profit volume.

In terms of retail loans, the bank was given the 88th position in the rating. The bank’s private individuals lending portfolio came to 5.118bn RUR on October 1, 2011. Since the beginning of the year, this figure has gone up by 35.9%, which was better than in Russia on average. In Russia on the whole, the retail loans turnover only expanded by 24% in nine months of 2009.

The bank’s private individuals deposit portfolio rose by 57% and exceeded 6bn RUR.

VUZ Bank was also given the 122nd position in the rating in terms of undistributed profit volume (190m RUR).

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