UC RUSAL: Aluminum production at Bogoslovsky smelter is loss-making

21 November 2011 (09:29)

UC RUSAL offered a few comments on Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Alexander Misharin’s statement regarding the company’s Bogoslovsky smelter.

‘RUSAL is not closing down the electrolysis production at the plant. Aluminum will still be produced using the upgraded Series 6 facilities. The decision to make the old electrolysis shop more efficient was caused by the surveillance authorities’ order to shut down the series that were not fitted with gas-purification units. This is why a portion of the staff were offered jobs in the alumina department, in Series 6 facilities, and at the environmentally efficient enterprises in other regions,’ the company explains.

Now the Governor said he could not agree with the decision taken by RUSAL management as to closing down the electrolysis production that would result in major layoffs.

‘All these remarks as to something being ‘above the prime cost’ have to do with the quality of management. RUSAL’s management might consider making its aluminum division in the Urals stronger.’ Misharin pointed out.

‘It was the Governor himself who stressed the importance of the plant getting long-term electric power supply agreements, with the power coming not just from any station but the efficient stations operating in basic modes, like a hydroelectric power plant or a nuclear power station. In spite of all our efforts and all our appeals, Bogoslovsky smelter still has not been able to sign such agreements. As a result, aluminum production at the plant is terribly loss-making,’ the company says.

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