MMK’s Rating Improves

4 October 2011 (10:46)

The Expert magazine carried a rating of Russia’s 400 largest enterprises recently.

The rating is mainly aimed at identifying the largest businesses in the Russian economy and at using their performance indicators to analyze the part big business plays in the country’s economic development as well as its structure and main development trends. This is actually the oldest big business rating in Russia, compiled for the 17th time this year, and it does not have any limitations as to the nature of business. As a result, the rating comprised enterprises involved in all the major economic fields. The position of each company was determined by the volume of products or work or services sold in 2010.

Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) was given the 26th position in this Expert 400 rating for 2010. This is actually two points better than last year. What is more, MMK was given the 27th position in the additional rating of Russia’s 200 largest companies in terms of market value (on the basis of data available as of September 1, 2011).

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