Karabashmed’s Shaft Furnace Dismantled

Chelyabinsk Region-based enterprise Karabashmed had its shaft furnace dismantled recently. The furnaces that were in operation at one of Russia’s oldest metallurgical enterprises for over a hundred years were shut down as early as 2007, after Russian Copper Company took over the business. The large-scale renovation involved eliminating the most environmentally obsolete machinery out of the production process, which reduced the amount of harmful emissions by six times.

The dismantling of the furnaces that were shut down earlier is quite symbolic, for these are the furnaces that caused the serious environmental trouble in the town for many years. Now they come to be replaced by modern equipment that meets the strictest environmental standards,’ says Karabashmed’s Director-General Alexander Golov.

The renovations at Karabashmed are an important project for Russian Copper Company. The equipment is supplied by companies like the Dutch Haldor Topsoe A.S., the Swedish Boliden Contech AB, the Australian Ausmelt Ltd., the Finnish Metso Minerals, the Italian Diemme, and others.

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