MediaMarkt-Saturn Fined for Consumer Rights Violation in Yekaterinburg

21 September 2011 (10:53)

A dweller of Yekaterinburg won the case against MediaMarkt-Saturn, Central Yekaterinburg Division of Sverdlovsk Region Hygiene & Epidemiology Center informed UrBC. The problem consisted in a 999-ruble printer cartridge.

On May 21, 2011, a Yekaterinburg dweller bought a 999-ruble HP 940 OfficeJet cartridge at MediaMarkt-Saturn in Alatyr Shopping Center at 5 Malyshev St. Even though nothing was said on the packaging about which printer types the cartridge was suitable for, the sales person assured the customer that the cartridge would fit his particular printer.

This only turned out to be inaccurate when the customer tried to install the cartridge in his printer, so he placed a written application regarding a refund or a product replacement with MediaMarkt-Saturn on the same day.

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