U.S., Australia, France, Chile, Zambia, Iran to Take Part in Russian Expo Arms in Nizhniy Tagil

12 August 2011 (09:39)

An arms exhibition is about to open in Nizhniy Tagil, Sverdlovsk Region, with over three hundred participants presenting about 3,000 exhibits and 350 full-scale specimens.

The 8th international arms, military vehicles, and munitions exhibition called Russian Defence Expo Nizhniy Tagil 2011 will impress the visitors with its one hundred wheel/track vehicles, Sverdlovsk Region’s Vice Premier and Minister for Industry & Science Alexander Petrov said at a recent exhibition coordination committee meeting.

Foreign enterprises were encouraged to take part in the event, and over a hundred invitations have been sent out to the various countries’ embassies in Russia, to army attaches, and defense industry associations. Delegations from the United States, Australia, France, Chile, Zambia, Iran have already confirmed their participation, and fifteen more countries are finishing up the paperwork needed to join the exhibition.

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