Ural Plant to Lay off 3,000 People

Ural Electrochemical Complex will make three thousand people redundant in 2011, President of Small & Medium Enterprises Union Anatoly Filippenkov announced at the union’s supervisory board meeting today.

The electrochemical plant in Novouralsk will soon lay off three thousand people. This decision was made by the Moscow management. We can probably expect that a lot of them will turn to small business,’ Filippenkov said.

The plant informed us of the upcoming three thousand redundancies as early as the beginning of this year. The reason for this is the restructuring of the business. For one, some of the auxiliary divisions will turn into daughter enterprises. So, some workers will be laid off. They will be invited to come to the new enterprises, though,’ says Novouralsk Employment Center’s Finance & Economics Director Nadezhda Savrolina.

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