Sverdlovsk Region to Get 460m RUR for Education System Upgrades

18 July 2011 (18:11)

Sverdlovsk Region is going to get an additional 460m RUR from the federal budget within the framework of education system upgrades program. The agreement to this extent was signed by Russia’s Education Ministry and Sverdlovsk Region Government.

The upgrades program also provides for a 30% increase in teachers’ salaries using the regional budgetary funds. The increase will affect those teaching at pre-schools, schools and extracurricular educational establishments.

‘After these obligations have already been met, the Russian Federation is giving Sverdlovsk Region 460m RUR to be invested in the education system’s further development, including teachers’ training programs, purchase of modern books and teaching materials, and promoting efforts to meet the authorities’ requirements. This is why this federal constituency now has to meet additional requirements, for example, the upgrades program must be backed up with a special item on the budget plan,’ the Governor’s press office reports.

Sverdlovsk Region Government asked the local deputies to consider an initiative on making the necessary changes in the regional budget as soon as possible. The proposal will be considered by the regional Duma’s Legislative Assembly in the nearest future.

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