Innovators and Industrialists to Meet at INNOPROM 2011

5 July 2011 (09:00)

Russian industrial enterprises came up with their requests for the innovation developers, Governor of Sverdlovsk Region’s press service reports.

The agenda of the upcoming industrial exhibition INNOPROM 2011 covers an innovations contest where the developers are expected to present their projects and services aimed at meeting the industry’s current needs.

The contest will proceed in two stages. First, the industrial enterprises are to come up with their request, and next, the developers are to present their innovational solutions. The best projects selected by experts will be offered to enterprises so that they can adopt them on their premises.

The first stage of the contest began in March 2011 when industrial enterprises, including Rostelecom, MegaFon, Renova, and others, provided a list of their requests for innovational solutions that they would like to have outsourced. The contest coordination committee has by now processed all these data and prepared a list of proposals for the various types of industrial innovators based on the enterprises’ needs.

This July, the requests will be considered during some round table discussions at INNOPROM 2011, where the ‘buyers’ representing the industrial enterprises and the potential ‘sellers’ with their innovational solutions will meet. Following that, applications will probably be placed by the innovators willing to solve the enterprises’ problems. The applications will be accepted through January 2012. In addition, discussions with the enterprises representatives will be organized to make sure the innovations developers understand what is required. Some of these discussions will be organized as online conferences. Finally, the contest winners will be determined. At the end, agreements will be signed to transfer the theoretical aspect of innovations development into the practical one.

INNOPROM 2011 is largely designed to promote cooperation between the Russian industrial enterprises and the Russian innovators.

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