Tour Operators Might Cancel Contracts with Sky Express

Some of the tour operators are prepared to cancel their agreements with the air carriers and call off their deposits. These are the airline owners who must deal with the problem, what we are getting is the last year’s scenario. If the proprietors don’t do anything about the issue, they might have to face some most serious consequences,’ the Association of Russian Tour Operators’ official website quotes Head of the Association’s Transport Committee Dmitri Gorin as saying.

Now Rosaviation announced last week that because Sky Express had been delaying flights for a long time more and more often lately (due to the lack of enough airplanes to keep up with the timetable), it was decided to carry out an unscheduled inspection of the said air carrier to see if the company actually meets the existing certification and licensing requirements. Depending on the results of this inspection, the airline’s certificate might be limited or suspended.

We talked about the problem with Ilya Umansky, Director-General of Alean, who said he was extremely worried about this airline’s twenty-four-hour flight delays (as far as the flights destined for the Russian seaside resorts are concerned). As far as I know, Rosaviation is watching the development of affairs very attentively at the moment.’ Dmitri Gorin said.

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