Yekaterinburg to get municipal railway node

Deputy Head of Yekaterinburg Municipal Council for City Planning, Transportation, and Environment Evgeniy Lipovitch held a meeting devoted to the strategic project on the modernization of the existing railway node in Yekaterinburg.

The meeting participants used the decision made by Yekaterinburg Municipal Duma on June 10, 2003 (No. 40/6, On Yekaterinburg’s Strategic Plan) and the ruling by the city council as of February 9, 2011 (On the Development, Implementation, and Prolongation of Yekaterinburg Strategic Development Projects) as their starting points to consider the details of some of the parts of the railway project.

They decided to recommend that the new name for the project be adopted, the name being The Development of Yekaterinburg Railway Node, which, the meeting participants believe, better reflects the idea behind the project. Evgeniy Lipovitch pointed out that the main challenge related to the project was devising a general scheme for the development of Yekaterinburg railway node.

To complete this task, the following must be achieved, the official said: elaborating a strategic project on the development of Yekaterinburg railway node and designing the project’s general scheme and getting it approved.

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