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7 March 2009 (20:03)

UralBusinessConsulting Agency of Information and Analytics is the only regional information agency whose activities are devoted exclusively to production and distribution of economic information and business news. The agency maintains its presence on the regional economic information market since 2000.

- Information services of UralBusinessConsulting agency define regional service delivery standards for business news production.

- Years of successful operation testify credibility and open-mindedness of the news materials produced by UralBusinessConsulting.

- In 2005, the Southern-Ural subsidiary of UralBusinessConsulting agency based in Chelyabinsk began operating.

- About 2000 news items are issued monthly.

- UralBusinessConsulting agency is the biggest regional provider of economic and financial data.

It has been part of the agency’s mission statement from its very outset to keep the public well informed about the salient economic and political events taking place in Yekaterinburg, the Sverdlovsk region and the Urals Federal District.

Within the framework of the project, economic and political data concerning Russia and the Urals in particular are collected and released on a daily basis. The agency delivers the newswire providing real-time coverage via the corporate website (WWW.URBC.RU) as well as electronic mail.

UralBusinessConsulting has at its disposal an extensive informant database network providing top quality information from extra reliable primary sources, governmental bodies, municipal authorities, major financial institutions, enterprises and industrial groups among them.

The agency’s informational services and data serve as one of the leading sources for and are continually referred to by most regional media as far up as the Urals Federal District.

VIP-Consultant, the agency’s weekly analytical digest, covers the most prominent events having to do with the political, social and economic life of the Urals. Among its readers are chairmen and CEOs of large industrial enterprises, money market specialists, general directors of economic entities that shape the Urals’ success as an entrepreneurially attractive region, a diverse range of representatives of the executive authorities operating at different levels, local Duma members, heads of political parties and public groups.

The list of the agency’s top priorities for the immediate future includes offering up a wider range of informational services, launch of some innovative news services and further development of the informant database network.

The Analytical Department of UralBuisnessConsulting Agency of Information and Analytics JSC deals in the analysis of the economic state of events in Ural Federal District and is therefore capable of providing the interested parties with respective reports and updates on particular fields of Ural economy. Likewise, the Agency could provide specific sub-reports on economic activity.

Initiating Body and Issuer: UralBusinessConsulting JSC

UralBusinessConsulting JSC & UralBusinessConsulting Agency of Information and Analytics:

Director: Maxim V. Susoev, ms@urbc.ru

Contact us:

Head office: 12 E 8 Marta St. room 1018

Yekaterinburg 620014


Tel.: +7 (343) 356-74-18

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