ChelPipe Group’s Warehouse Plans to Take 75% of Customer Paperwork Online By End of Year

23 April 2020 (09:13)

UrBC, Chelyabinsk, April, 23, 2020. ChelPipe Group’s Warehouse launched an electronic document flow system that is meant to speed up the paperwork processing between the company and its contractors, to ensure both the safe storage and safe delivery of documentation, and to cut down on operational and time costs.

‘SKB-Kontur, a leading developer of online options for accounting and business, acted as our supplier of document flow automation solutions. The new platform makes it possible for the contractors already connected to the e-document flow network to create, send, receive, and sign e-documents. A set of papers (an invoice, delivery notice TORG-12, a job completion report, and copies of quality certificates) gets created, signed, and sent to contractor within 24 hours of the delivery driver leaving the warehouse,’ the company’s press service says.

The company switches to e-document flow with the specific contractor after the two parties agree to do their paperwork electronically. By the end of the year, ChelPipe Group’s Warehouse intends to convert 75% of its customers to e-document flow mode.

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