MMK Starts Sewing Reusable Face Masks for Employees

17 April 2020 (09:08)

UrBC, Magnitogorsk, April 17, 2020. Given the dire shortage of medical-grade face masks during the current coronavirus pandemic, Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK)-supported social-sector organizations started sewing reusable masks for MMK Group’s employees.

According to the Group’s press service, S. Ordzhonikidze Metallurgical Workers’ Culture Palace is one such organization. Workers from the wardrobe/sewing department put off making new costumery for the performers for the time being and turned to sewing the vital masks.

Dress Designer at S. Ordzhonikidze Metallurgical Workers’ Culture Palace Alyona Vinokurova says the calico masks are in no way inferior to the medical-grade kind and are probably even better in some respects.

‘These can be laundered, ironed, and sprayed with sanitizer, and nothing will happen to them. The masks are in perfect condition. They look just as good after many washes, which is highly convenient. This is not the case with single-use masks that you have to throw away after you’ve worn them for half an hour,’ Vinokurova said.

Fitter at S. Ordzhonikidze Metallurgical Workers’ Culture Palace Larisa Okulova and her shift partner are currently cutting up to 500 face masks a day.

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