Veniamin Golubitsky: District Akademicheskiy to Host One of Europe’s Largest Parks

1 November 2019 (09:10)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, November 1, 2019. Kortros Group’s President Veniamin Golubitsky gave a talk on the District Akademicheskiy Comprehensive Urban Development Project in Yekaterinburg during the International 100+ Forum Russia this week.

‘We started by collecting feedback from District Akademicheskiy’s potential residents. This was in 2006. Everything was different in terms of technologies and digitization back then. Yekaterinburg locals said they saw safety as extremely important. This concern was taken into account when the tech specifications got elaborated. As a result, the security infrastructure in the area ensures peace and order. There are 3,500 surveillance cameras installed in the district, and visitors come from all over the world to see the system at work,’ Golubitsky said.

According to Golubitsky, District Akademicheskiy is post-Soviet Russia’s first housing development project that is being built from scratch. The project relies on the expertise of the best architects and consultants and on a range of innovative tech solutions. The developer managed to create a micro-town with a totally new kind of resident community.

Veniamin Golubitsky also spoke about the district’s Preobrazhensky Park.

District Akademicheskiy will soon get a park 2.5 times bigger than Moscow’s Zaryadye. This is going to be one of Europe’s largest outdoor recreation venues, Golubitsky explained.

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