FGC UES Improves Power Supply in Sredneuralsk

22 May 2017 (13:25)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, May 22, 2017. Rosset’s Federal Grid Company United Energy Systems completed the reconstruction jobs at a 220-kilowatt main connecting Sredneuralskaya Power Station to Yuzhnaya Substation, the company press service reports.

The energy engineers at work replaced the stay bars at the main supports and did overall main checks to enhance the reliability of electric power supply for Yekaterinburg end users.

The company plans to replace 290 stay bars at eighteen 220- to 500-kilowatt mains in the area this year.

The 220-kilowatt Yuzhnaya-Sredneuralskaya main was put up in 1961 and was originally meant to serve as the backup line connecting the 500-kilowatt Yuzhnaya Substation and Sredneuralskaya Power Station. In 2011, after the 220-kilowatt Ryabina Substation had been launched, the main in question became the primary line.

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