Ural Airlines Passenger Traffic Goes up 32%

14 July 2011 (09:11)

Ural Airlines flew 996,112 passengers in the first half of 2011, which was 32% more than in the first half of 2010. 361,422 people flew internationally, which was 33.5% better than in January-June 2010, 180,615 people used the company’s flights destined for places around the CIS (this was 33.5% more than in the first half of 2010), and 454,075 passengers used domestic flights (this was 24% more than in January-June 2010), the company’s press service reports.

In June 2011, Ural Airlines’ passenger traffic reached 279,211 people, which was 43% more than in June 2010. This figure included 136,497 passengers on international flights (up 50% against last June), 38,202 people on CIS-bound flights (up 70% against last June), and 104,512 people on domestic flights (up 27%). The increases had to do with the growing demand for summertime flights. What is more, the airline launched two new flights in the beginning of summer, namely, from Krasnoyarsk to Yakutsk and from Yekaterinburg to Samarkand.

Thanks to the fact that Ural Airlines added this year’s fourth A320 plane to its fleet of vehicles in June 2011, the number of flights went up: the carrier operated 9,488 flights in January-June 2011, which exceeded the figure for a year earlier by 35%. This included 2,697 international flights, 4,953 domestic flights, and 1,838 flights around the CIS, which was, respectively, 31%, 34%, and 43% more than a year earlier. 2,116 flights were operated in June, which was 28% more than in June 2010.

As for cargo flights, the air carrier handled 4,682 tons of freight in January-June 2011 (up 8% against January-June 2010) and 795 tons of airmail (up 64%). In June 2011, 810 tons of cargo and 129 tons of airmail were handled by the company. The actual passenger turnover amounted to 2,627,900,000 passenger-kilometers in six months of 2011 (up 30% against the first half of 2010) and to 750,892,000 passenger-kilometers in June 2011 (up 42%).

The company’s actual ton-kilometer turnover came to 253,772,000 ton-kilometers in January-June 2011, which was 29% more than in the first half of 2010, and to 70,503,000 ton-kilometers in June 2011, which was 40% more than in June 2010.

The passenger load factor came to 64%, payload mass came to 60%. The respective figures for June 2011 stood at 76% and 70%.

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