Koltso Urala: Czech banks interested in cooperation

21 April 2011 (09:26)

Experts from Bank Koltso Urala took part in a trade and economic conference with the representatives of the Czech business community. The event was coordinated by Sverdlovsk Region Government and took place in the Hyatt Regency Yekaterinburg Hotel.

Among the reports presented at the conference were those made by Sverdlovsk Region Minister for Industry & Science Alexander Petrov, the Czech Industry & Trade Minister Martin Kocourek, the Czech Republic’s deputy Agriculture Minister Juraj Chmiel, and the CEO of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry for the CIS František Masopust.

The conference was also attended by the representatives of the Czech banks such as Czech Export Bank, Česká Spořitelna, and Raiffeisenbank. For one, the banking experts considered direct financing of the Russian-Czech import contracts.

According to Alexei Chernikov of Bank Koltso Urala, the way negotiations proceeded signifies some great interest in fruitful cooperation with the Urals’ banks on the part of the Czech executives.

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