Yekaterinburg Customs: Turnover keeps going down

18 April 2011 (09:57)

Yekaterinburg Customs came up with a performance report for the first quarter of 2011.

88.8% of all the goods ($1.3m worth of products in terms of turnover) came from or went to the far abroad, 11.1% of goods ($162.8m) came from or went to the member states of the CIS. 26.4% of foreign turnover’s worth ($388m) was imported and 73.6% ($1.1bn) was exported.

The freight turnover reached 553,700 tons, with the countries of the far abroad receiving 75.3% of the total freight turnover volume (417,000 tons) and the member states of the CIS getting 24.7% (136,700 tons).

Both the goods turnover and the freight turnover went down by 7.2% and 34.2%, respectively, in comparison with the first quarter of 2010.

Yekaterinburg’s most important foreign trade partners were China, the Netherlands, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, the United States, Iran, Hong Kong, an Sweden.

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