’s employees undergo Polygraph test

1 April 2011 (10:11)

The employees of Yekaterinburg-based are now being subject to Polygraph testing because over 20 million RUR has been stolen from the bank customer’s account, says Sverdlovsk Region division of the Internal Affairs Ministry’s press officer Valery Gorelykh.

According to the press officer, the main suspect is a woman who used some forged ID in the name of a Ms Zelertseva to steal over 21.5 million RUR from the bank in November 2010. The theft was detected when the customer who had the account in the bank, an advertising business executive, went abroad and asked for the money to be transferred over to her.

Yekaterinburg Internal Affairs Division Investigative Department initiated criminal proceedings, with charges based on Article 159 (part 4) of the Russian Federation Criminal Code (large-scale fraud).

‘The police are now checking on the bank’s employees, among others, to see if they have anything to do with the crime. The checks include a Polygraph test, as it is obvious that the bank’s security department did not do a very good job,’ Gorelykh told Interfax.

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