Orenburg Airlines not allowed to offer flights to Larnaka

31 March 2011 (09:27)

Orenburg Airlines won’t be able to operate chartered flights from Moscow to Larnaka and from Larnaka to Ufa. Rosaviation motivated its refusal by the fact that no agreements had been reached with the already appointed carriers.

‘We applied for the agreements with the appointed carriers, but our application was rejected,’ the Association of Russian Tour Operators’ website quotes Orenburg Airlines Commercial Director Sergey Lazarev as saying.

Now under the Transportation Ministry’s Order No. 2, to start operating chartered flights an airline needs not only the aviation agency’s approval but also the agreement of the carriers appointed; these carriers, in their turn, look at their resources and decide whether it makes sense for them to launch additional flights.

Orenburg Airlines isn’t planning to apply again.

‘We were told plainly that this would be quite useless. So we applied for the flight from Ufa to Larnaka and back. The decision has to be made on Friday,’ Sergey Lazarev explains.

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